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Patience is one of the key elements to being a good gardener. Patience is also something I lack. Yep. I know, it seems weird that I love to crochet, sew, and garden, all of which require a good deal of patience, of which I am sorely lacking. I do my best, and the more I practice the better I am getting. Or is it perhaps I am just getting older? Anyways, my garden is planted, and I……wait.





Dragonfly’s are whizzing by, this one lands to rest for a while



After it rains….

After It Rains

After it rains the Earth is fresh,

The leaves and grass are all wet,

Everything is cleansed and pure once more.

The ever giving gift of rain from the mother Earth herself

Giving the gift of water to grow her plants strong and tall

And in turn, feeding the deer and all creatures, far and near

With her ever giving gift of rain.


First Veggies!

Asparagus is coming up nicely in our garden, finally! We have been eating it for the past couple of nights. It just makes me want for our garden to be ready to harvest now!




Summer is here after a very long year.

The woods are once again bursting with life and leaves,

The smell of blossoms drift on the wind along with the buzz bees

The song of birds and love fill up the silence of morning

The garden is planted, waiting grow

The kids are worn out and wet from squirt guns and a water hose.

The rooster crows from sun up to sun down, while his ladies scratch and peck

Yes, Summer is here and I will enjoy it all from my front deck!

Milk Practice

Today I attempted to milk a cow. Yeah, I know it sounds lame…I only made it about 15 minutes before I couldn’t feel my hand anymore, and not to mention my back was cramping up. Did I also mention I had an audience of 2 expert cow milkers and my husband and two kids? Yeah…but even though it hurt, it felt awesome! There is something so natural in the rythem of milk squirting into your pail. A deep and profound connection between this 800lb animal and you. That is exactly the type of connection I am striving for between me and my food. In a world that is so unbelievably disconnected I am trying to show, teach, and lead my children to feel this connection from their soul to the world around them. This America  was built not by politicians and by office people. No, this America was built on the backs and sweat of hardworking farmers, and pioneers, people who were not afraid of standing their ground and working hard for what they have. If only the American people would stand together to save our traditional values, and to save our children from the food that our government is poisioning us with.