My youngest boy will be turning 3 in February. And I am proud to say that he is FINALLY using the potty. We have been working with him since he was a few months past 2. For the last few months he has really been fighting us, especially with going number 2 on the potty. All of a sudden a few days ago he just decided that he was finally ready, and so far he has done extremely well. No pull ups for the last 2 days, and I only have to remind him to go once in a while. Of course he has had a few accidents, mainly when he is playing with his brother in the evening. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he will continue to keep up the good work! I guess it really is true that when they are really ready, then they will just take right off with it. So if your kids still aren’t potty trained yet, just lighten up a little, give them some space and try to let them decide when they are ready! ( Because believe it or not…they will eventually want to use the potty)

Pictures from Flashdrive 2587