So in the last couple of days my newsfeed on facebook has exploded with headlines like: Michigan looses its right to farm. The newsfeeds mainly are saying that small scale farmers, hobby farmers, and backyard farming will be done away with. Since I have a small hobby farm on 5 acres, where the zoning is residentual, I was pretty worried and outraged last night. Instead of believing all the media sources, I read the changes made to the Right to Farm Act direct from the state government website, as a pdf. file. So the first thing I realized is that they are not taking anything away from anybody. The only change they made in fact is they have given the county, or township the right to impose their own rules on farming. These proposed changes then have to be voted upon to be passed. That is it. The reasoning is to close the loophole that some people use to keep livestock in heavily suburban areas. I agree with this reasoning. I think that anybody that wants to keep farm livestock should have the proper housing and most importantly space for such animals. It is in the best intetest of the animals. Now on the other hand I also see it as an opportunity for the townships to treat unfairly the people that have the space that want to keep farm animals. So it could be a good or bad thing, it all depends. The thing that upsets me the most is the media blowing this whole thing out of proportion, just to get good ratings. The people should be able to trust our media outlets, but once again they have proved, at least to me that we cannot.