The smell of woodsmoke filled the air. Our boys laughing and yelling reached our ears. Our big silver pot sat atop a grate over a fire. The contents  of big said pot was as precious to us as gold; sap. Our first adventure in the mysterious and labor intensive process of turning sap into syrup. Our high spirits greatly diminished as the pitter patter of rain turned into a steady down pour, complete with lighting and thunder. Last night we had a tornado touch down in the southern part of the county. We took our cooking process inside when it began to be too much to keep our fire going. Twelve hours later we have a quart of delicious maple syrup. I must say it tastes amazing! It even has a smoky flavor thanks to our fire:) There is nothing better and more relaxing then sitting around the fire with your kids eating hotdogs and marshmellows over an open fire while listening to good country music, boiling down sap.