The boys are tucked away warmly in their beds. We on the other hand are up and working on our pellet stove again. It keeps shutting down. I am nursing our baby flame in the fireplace. So I guess it’s electric heaters in the boys rooms and a fire in the fireplace. Thank god I married a country boy! He is pretty much a jack of all trades and can fix or hobble together anything. At least the weather is finally starting , well trying, to warm up. So I am not freaking out as bad as I was when the temperatures were in the negatives. We had our last two ducks pass away this winter when it was hovering in the -20-30 range. It has been an epic winter that many haven’t seen in years. People have been running out of wood. We cut and split a load of wood today for a friend who had run out. This last part of the winter has been full of sorrow and all I can do is look at my kids and husband and hold all of them a little tighter, knowing how much of a blessing they are. Image