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The fire crackles and pops washing the room in comforting warmth.

The children are all tucked away in their beds, with full bellies and books that were read.

Now is that time of night, where everything slows down and relaxation can finally be found.

A long hot bath, perhaps, to wash away the pains of a long day.

Snuggle in close to my other half and fall asleep, finally, at last. 



A Path Less Traveled…

At this stage in my life, which includes two small children and hopefully another one sometime in the future, and all my various animals I feel now is the time for the next chapter of my life to begin. I have worked as a machine operator for the last few years, and other factory jobs since high school. That chapter is now done, and now I am going to focus on my children, and getting my farm and of course writing. Some of the best decisions in life are made rashly and boldly, all while throwing caution to the wind. This is exactly what I am doing, and I feel deep within my bones that this is the path I must travel down. I don’t know how the story will end, but I do know that it will be one of happiness.Image


Robins whizzed past me and my husband. It is officially spring. Mother nature apparently has other ideas this year. We woke up to a chilly 7 degrees this morning. We also still have a foot of snow and more still falling. With the dawns fading light we gave the chickens their supper, as well as the dogs and alpacas. It is something I very much enjoy is to take care of our animals with my husband. We work opposite shifts, so the weekends are really the only time we can spend quality time with eachother. We are working hard now so later we can have the farm we have always wanted. 


At Least Its Getting Warmer…

The boys are tucked away warmly in their beds. We on the other hand are up and working on our pellet stove again. It keeps shutting down. I am nursing our baby flame in the fireplace. So I guess it’s electric heaters in the boys rooms and a fire in the fireplace. Thank god I married a country boy! He is pretty much a jack of all trades and can fix or hobble together anything. At least the weather is finally starting , well trying, to warm up. So I am not freaking out as bad as I was when the temperatures were in the negatives. We had our last two ducks pass away this winter when it was hovering in the -20-30 range. It has been an epic winter that many haven’t seen in years. People have been running out of wood. We cut and split a load of wood today for a friend who had run out. This last part of the winter has been full of sorrow and all I can do is look at my kids and husband and hold all of them a little tighter, knowing how much of a blessing they are. Image



Not sure what kind of ducks these are, but they are very beautiful!

Thaw…Well Maybe

So temperatures here in Northern Michigan have been hovering in the 30’s for the past few days. I have actually ventured outside with my kids to play!Ha! It’s absolutely beautiful. It has been one of the coldest and most wintry we have had in many a year, since before my time. Now our thoughts can finally turn to planning our garden and bringing our dreams to fruitation. We have a new house in our sights, so if it’s meant to be then everything will fall into place. 



I have been waging war with a sinus infection/ ear infection for at least two months now. I have been on so many antibiotics and steriods it isn’t funny. So today I stopped. I am going to listen to my body and let it heal itself. Today I start the path of detoxing the poisions from my body, but also of my mind and spirit. I truly believe that I need to do this to finally let myself heal. I have been travelling down the path of modern medicine and it has done nothing except make me feel worse, and feel like a drug addict. So begins the journey of healing both of the mind and body….