So it has occured to me that, in my opinion, society is taking a turn for the worst. I mean our kids are growing up with Ipads in kindergarden for crying out loud! Now, I might be old fashioned in my way of thinking and viewing the world. I firmly believe that our kids should be brought up with old fashioned books, paper and pencil. We are loosing the magic of being uniquely us. With the advancements in technology also comes the uniformity of all. Our old values are being lost. The old ways of making things by hand are being forgotten. I choose to live the way I do, not because it is easier or cheaper, but because it is harder, it is better, and it will give my children the knowledge and the skills to survive whatever may come in this crazy world. My kids will know how to grow vegetables from seed and how to preserve that bounty for the winter. My kids will know how to hunt and butcher wild game. They will know how to make do with what they have. It comforts me at night knowing that I am passing this knowledge down to them so that they will be able to survive without me.Image