ImageWe are only hours away from the start of a new year. Our oldest son is camped out on the couch, trying his hardest to stay awake to ring in the new year with us. Our littlest guy is in bed. We are celebrating by having an all day marathon of The Lord Of The Rings(preceded by The Hobbit of course). I love these moments in time, where we can all slow down as a family and make memories together. I know that a lot of people go out on the town, it’s almost an adult holiday now I think. I like to celebrate it with my family together. The family I have fought very hard and changed a lot to have, and when the ball drops and it’s the first seconds of the new year I want my family with me. 2013 was a bad year. I lost my grandma, my father in law gave us a real scare. But with the bad also comes good. It was our son’s first birthday, and we got a new hunting dog (boone) and I FINALLY made it out of michigan for the first time in my 25 years. Ok, so it was only 15 minutes outside of Michigan, but still! My hopes for the new year are simple…To love my kids and try to be the best mom I can. To love my husband and show it to him in all the small simple ways, and finally to grow our homestead and build upon our dream of being self sufficent. I hope that you all have a very safe, and very happy new year!