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Snowed In

So I am officially snowed in today. We have a couple of feet of snow on our road. We have not seen a plow truck since sometime last week. We managed to get out yesterday with my husbands big truck(it has a 3 inch lift). We went over to split wood at my in laws, then to the grocery store to pick up essential supplies. I highly doubt that I can make it out with my blazer until they plow the road. So far I am throughly enjoying being snowed in!




The cold winter wind blows, fierce, strong and bold

Snow is falling and falling, gently but unrelenting

Stillness and peace as everything rests and sleeps


Arctic Weather

The blast of cold weather has returned today in the form of a blizzard. We have gusting winds of up to 40 mph with snow. Yay….and later today I get to drive to work in this stuff. Yesterday was quite nice though. The calm before the storm. I took some pictures on my way to work. 

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But She is Bored!

We have our oldest coondog, Belle in the house living with us. She actually is a wonderful house dog. We raise all our hunting dogs in the house, at least for a while when they are young. We believe that by doing so they make better hunting dogs that want to please and listen better. Anyways, Belle is starting to chew. I bought her a soft toy to chew on. She is 6. She thinks she is a tiny puppy still. Now she is starting to chew on the boys toys. I realize that she is a working dog that gets bored easily when not being challenged to use her brain. So…plan #2….buy her one of those toys where they have to figure out how to get the treats out….crossing my fingers it will work!

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Polar Vortex

The polar vortex has passed now. We survived without any damage. Temperatures here in northern michigan only reached -10 or so, but with the wind chill it felt more like -30. After temperatures like that 36 degree weather feels like a heat wave! I took some pictures of the lighthouse in town with all the ice on it. 


My Take On Modern Life

So it has occured to me that, in my opinion, society is taking a turn for the worst. I mean our kids are growing up with Ipads in kindergarden for crying out loud! Now, I might be old fashioned in my way of thinking and viewing the world. I firmly believe that our kids should be brought up with old fashioned books, paper and pencil. We are loosing the magic of being uniquely us. With the advancements in technology also comes the uniformity of all. Our old values are being lost. The old ways of making things by hand are being forgotten. I choose to live the way I do, not because it is easier or cheaper, but because it is harder, it is better, and it will give my children the knowledge and the skills to survive whatever may come in this crazy world. My kids will know how to grow vegetables from seed and how to preserve that bounty for the winter. My kids will know how to hunt and butcher wild game. They will know how to make do with what they have. It comforts me at night knowing that I am passing this knowledge down to them so that they will be able to survive without me.Image


Woke up this morning to 0 degrees outside, with a windchill factor of about -24. Nice. I was pretty worried for our guard dog Koda. He is about 6 years old, and he just sleeps in the stall with our alpacas. I made my hubby go out to check on all the animals. Everybody was good(big sigh of relief) I have never seen this extreme cold before, it makes me realize that I will have to work even harder this summer to prepare for next winter.Image