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So winter has arrived (and been here for some time) here in northern Michigan. I would say the snow is past my knees already. Last year we didn’t get nearly that much all winter. Winter to me means staying inside, working on different unfinished projects from last year (of which there are many) It also means savoring those slow cold months because it means more time spent relaxing with family. Winter is also a time for rest and rejuvination. So remember to slow down this winter…relax. Savor those moments in slow motion, because summer is coming after all…





There is nothing more stunning than a horse and the setting sun to fill your soul with peace and quiet…for that is true happiness.


Today I am frantically trying to clean up the christmas hurricane that has smothered our house in empty boxes, wrapping paper and crumbs. I feel as though I have been neglecting it for the past couple of days…but after all its been christmas! (at least thats what my excuse has been) But enough with the excuses, time to roll up my sleeves and get down to business….So far I have managed to clean up all the boxes and paper and put them into garbage bags to be burned…and I have swept….and….that’s it…But the house is starting to look like our house again and not a trash pile. I still have yet to feed the animals their morning hay outside, I am sure the cows are mooing in protest. My wonderful hubby bought me a new camera, so I can’t wait to go out and take some pictures with it. So later on I will hopefully have some pictures on here. Ok, ok….time to get back to work(although I feel like I am shoveling while its still snowing…)

My Christmas Wish

ImageMy Christmas wish was something that could not be bought from any store,

my christmas wish was for something a lot more….

It was for the smile and laughter of my children, 

glowing on christmas morning,

It was for the strong arms of my husband to hold me tight,

and whisper simply I Love You, and mean it with all his might.

It was for the warmth of all my family gathered ’round, with laughter and love abundant to be found. So if

you ask if I got what I wanted for Christmas, yes….yes indeed…





A Good Mouser

Our house cat’s name is Charley, he was rescued as a stray kitten, starving looking for food he was found wandering around the plant where my husband works. So he took him home to me…and I fell in love! Turns out this cute furball is a good mouser too! Must be his feral roots coming through….



I can see you…bring me food!

Around Here

So today is the first day of muzzle loading season for deer. We could sure use another deer in our freezer. We already have about knee deep snow, so whatever that translates into inches. We had to take our oldest coondog Belle into the vet. She was not eating and lost a lot of weight. The good news is that she will be ok, but it cost quite a lot of money. She was in the hospital for three days, so you can just imagine. But we will find a way to pay for it, she is my baby girl and means everything to me.  On a brghter note, christmas is just around the corner! Oh my! There is so much to do. I have christmas presents to make, cookies to bake, cards to make and gifts to wrap. So I guess I better get off here and get something done….wish me luck!