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Here To Stay?

The freshly fallen snow glitters and shines,

Erasing all the mistakes, wiping clean the marks of time.

Wrapping everything in a pure white shroud, 

close your eyes now, take a breath and rest.

Purity is the winter, time to reflect and dream, of the coming spring and of things that are yet unforseen.






Soul of a Dog

DSCF5081This is our guard dog Koda. He is a great pyrenees. He has been with us since before the birth of our first son. When I was pregnant he would lay his head on my stomach and look up at me with those big brown soulful eyes. Ever since then I have had a special connection with him. There is something so deep and primal about the bond between a dog and it’s person.  Science are trying to figure it out, but I believe it is a connection that will not and should not ever be explained by science. Let there be some deep and mysterious magic left to be felt in this world.


I am not a christian, I do not believe in god, but I am a very spiritual person. Usually I don’t make any commentary about my spiritual beliefs but in light of  all the bad things that have been happening to our family lately, I feel it is appropriate. I feel firmly in that everything happens for a reason, you may not know it yet, but if you look for it down the road it will be there. When one door closes, another one opens. When the going gets rough I meditate to find my inner peace. You must first be at peace with yourself, then that opens the door for happiness. Accept the stress, acknowledge it, and keep moving on, but don’t let it weigh you down. Mother nature will provide. We don’t buy meat from a store, we hunt the wild game in the woods. I made jelly from grapes that grow wild. I made apple butter from apple trees that have gone wild. So you see, I put my faith and trust in the powers of the earth, to the mother goddess of the earth that helps all things grow, thus feeding my family. So things have been rough for us lately, but there will always be an end to all bad things, and I am confident that my faith will give me the strength to keep moving forward..



So the other day I was gathering eggs and I came across this monster of an egg, all I gotta say is ouch!


Sick of being Sick

So for the past 3 weeks or better I and my kids have been battling ongoing upper respiratory infections and ear infections. I took our kids to the doctor twice because the medicine they were on was not working, but they seem to be doing better now. I am not getting any better. It is hard for your body to heal itself when you only get 4-5 hours of sleep a night, take care of kids, animals, parents (father in law is still layed up) and work fourty hours a week at work. At this point I am extremely cranky from coughing, hacking and my ear hurting. So today I am going to the clinic to get some medication to start getting better. My husband will be much happier with me….