Not that long ago I inheriated a old fixed wooden rolling pin. My grandma gave it to my mom who then gave it to me. It originally belonged to my grandma’s neighbor, an old swedish or german lady I believe. I absolutly love old kitchen things like that. When I pick up that rolling pin, I can just imagine all the pie crusts and cookie dough that she worked with her calloused hands to feed her children. Now I am useing this same rolling pin to do the same thing she did 60 years ago. In the age we live in, when we can just go to the store to buy everything we could need or want, I feel a certain duty to take these old tools and use them, to keep that small little bit of knowledge and tradition from snuffing out altogether. I hope that my children will watch me and keep those memories close to their hearts and one day when they have children, they too will keep that knowledge alive.