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Not that long ago I inheriated a old fixed wooden rolling pin. My grandma gave it to my mom who then gave it to me. It originally belonged to my grandma’s neighbor, an old swedish or german lady I believe. I absolutly love old kitchen things like that. When I pick up that rolling pin, I can just imagine all the pie crusts and cookie dough that she worked with her calloused hands to feed her children. Now I am useing this same rolling pin to do the same thing she did 60 years ago. In the age we live in, when we can just go to the store to buy everything we could need or want, I feel a certain duty to take these old tools and use them, to keep that small little bit of knowledge and tradition from snuffing out altogether. I hope that my children will watch me and keep those memories close to their hearts and one day when they have children, they too will keep that knowledge alive. 




Last night on my way home from work it was snowing..HARD! Much to my surprise….it’s still here….



Once upon a time there was these three handsome boys who went on an adventure in the woods. First, they were excited about the small creek gurgling through the woods, then they found some huge trees! ImageAfter that they skipped over to the apple tree, picked some apples and found some more giant trees! They found a old wooden bridge and some poision berries….what a great adventure!

Harsh Reality

DSCF4712So yesterday we found one of our barn kittens that was going into convulsions. We later found it laying meowing and unable to move. We both knew it wasn’t going to make it. We decided to put it down quickly, so it wouldn’t have to suffer any longer. It is a harsh reality that sometimes on a farm things aren’t always happiness and fun. Just sometimes you have to do what has to be done whether or not we want to. Death is a part of life on a farm, and it is something you have to accept, acknowledge, and life goes on.

Operation Wedding

So my brother in law got married this weekend. It was a hectic past couple of days, very tough with the both of our boys. Arik (our oldest) was in the wedding as a sign holder next to the ring bearer. He did a wonderful job! Yesterday for the rehearsel was actually a little worse to get through for our kids then the actual wedding, which is good. It was a beautiful country weddin with a camo theme. There is nothing like a wedding to make me tear up and turn to my husband and remember our wedding and the life and the family that was built over five years ago. 



The cool air nips at my nose, 

the cold bites at my toes.

Fire and crimson fall from the sky,

summer whispers its last goodbye.

Autumn has arrived in a flurry of leaves

and a blazing sunrise.