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My husband recently announced, “I have a forge.” I didnt know untill now that he had a forge. Apparently it was sitting in the shed at his dads. His boss gave it to him. So we headed over to his dads on a mision to recover said forge. Now after much pushing and rolling, and manly muscle it is sitting in our garage next to our woodstove. My husband the blacksmith:




The day has ended, the sun slowly fades

its time for sweet dreams to stay. Cozy up by the fire, then time for bed

Lay down your head little ones as I read you a story full fun and laughter.

Kisses goodnight, then hugs and of course I Love You. 


Barn View


This is the view of looking out my barn. If you have never had the pleasure of being in a barn full of fresh hay and animals while it is raining, then go and find a barn while it is raining! There is something so calming, with the sound of rain softly falling; the quiet rustling of the animals, it calms the soul filling it up with the sense of utter peace. 

A Day of Firewood

DSCF4698So yesterday afternoon we headed out to the horse pasture to cut down a couple of trees that were in danger of falling on the barn. Thanks to my wonderful husband (who by the way comes from a long line of loggers) we had no problems falling any of the trees. Our kids were amazingly excited about helping. Its a great feeling knowing that our kids are outside helping us with our farm work. I should hope that they will be this excited about doing firewood when they are older.

The Miracle of Life


With the birth of our very first calf, so starts the begining of our dream of being self sufficient. It is such a miracle of mother nature. I have never felt so at peace with myself than as I do right now. I feel that this crazy, hard and sometimes stressful homesteading thing is exactly the right thing to do in so many ways. This is exactly the life I have always dreamed of, both for myself and for my kids. We are teaching our kids so many good things that will always be with them I hope anyway. And life should be about the passing of knowledge from one generation to the next, never to be forgotten. 







Good Egg, Bad Egg



So last night my hubby discovered a hidden stash of eggs in the barn. Ha! We out smarted the chickens and found their eggs. So today I gathered them up and tested them to see if they were still any good. If you don’t know how to test eggs, here it is. 

   1. Fill a bowl full of water.

    2. Place  eggs in water, if they float they are bad, if they sink they are good.

Pretty neat huh?