Coffee and Snow


It’s snowing here in beautiful northern Michigan. The most wonderful feeling is that of enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee while curled up in a blanket, watching the snow come down. It’s such a peaceful feeling. The coziness of it. Or perhaps snow is an excuse to slow down. Nature’s way of saying it’s time to relax, sleep more, save your energy for the crazy busy days of summer. For me winter is a time of reflection as well as relaxation.


Here to Stay

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Here to Stay


So here I am. A stay at home mom with 2 kids, a husband and a small farm to take care of, all at the age of 28. If you would have asked 10 years ago if this is what I would have imagined my life to be I would have answered definitely not! But time has a funny way of changing things. So here I am. I quit my good paying job to stay home to take care of everything. But really, it’s a lot more than just taking care of things. I chose to quit my job so I could live. You see, I firmly believe that life is an adventure that is meant to be lived. And if I was holed up in a factory, I would have missed watching this amazing sunset with my family.


Pictures from Flashdrive 2988Here is a picture that I took this fall from the first hard frost we got. It never ceases to amaze me just how stunningly beautiful mother nature can be. Nature is where I go to unwind and relax. I am the most at peace with myself and with life when I am living close to the Earth. Just a part of the reason why I homestead.


Pictures from Flashdrive 3193 I took this picture a while ago when we got some pretty wet, heavy snow. It was so beautiful out! A winter wonderland..

Potty Time!

My youngest boy will be turning 3 in February. And I am proud to say that he is FINALLY using the potty. We have been working with him since he was a few months past 2. For the last few months he has really been fighting us, especially with going number 2 on the potty. All of a sudden a few days ago he just decided that he was finally ready, and so far he has done extremely well. No pull ups for the last 2 days, and I only have to remind him to go once in a while. Of course he has had a few accidents, mainly when he is playing with his brother in the evening. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he will continue to keep up the good work! I guess it really is true that when they are really ready, then they will just take right off with it. So if your kids still aren’t potty trained yet, just lighten up a little, give them some space and try to let them decide when they are ready! ( Because believe it or not…they will eventually want to use the potty)

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Wow….That Was A Long Time!

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So here I am again. I feel so guilty for not up keeping my blog. But I guess that is what happens when you have 2 little kids to take care of and a small homestead. (Yeah, the kids are running around screaming, fighting/playing with each other while I try to write this) The other thing was my laptop kind of took a crap on me. My wonderful husband took it in and got it fixed and running again for my birthday. Yay! it is up and running very good. It is also winter here, which also means a time to relax, slow down and breathe. So I am back to share moments, thoughts, and ramblings with whoever wishes to read this.